Wearing parts for flaker machines performing base material preparation for particleboards production
Comprehensive production line of our products helps our customers to manage heavy production growth of particle boards. Our tools guarantee long-term smooth three-shift system operation of flaker machines.
Wearing parts for flaker machines serving for wood chips preparation for Oriented Strand Boards (OSB) production
The technology for production of OSB boards is especially challenging process. This branch became our domain thanks to our high-quality products and honest communication with our customers.
OSB Flakers
Wearing parts for whole-log chipper machines serving for wood chips production
Current European woodworking industry boom along with the entire lack of raw timber increase requirements on our products. Our chipper knives are able to process both waste and low-quality wood and can resist under the intensive conditions.
Wearing parts for milling machines
We produce milling plates for final phase of timber desintegration in the particleboards production. Its accuracy and quality meets strict criteria.
Milling machines
Sash gang saw blade holders
Our frame saw blade holders have rugged construction and their long operational lifetime has been examined in large number of saw-mills.
Sash gang saw blade holders
Tools for other machines
Tools for wood crushers and chippers, verge grass-cutting machines, trench digging machines, hammer-mills, forage harvesters. Even other branches are not unfamiliar for us. You can find our tools, for example in agricultural machines and road maintenance equipments.