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Tools for wood crushers and chippers, verge grass-cutting machines, trench digging machines, hammer-mills, forage harvesters. Even other branches are not unfamiliar for us. You can find our tools, for example in agricultural machines and road maintenance equipments.
Products: Knives, counter-knives.
For machines made by: Mulag, Dücker, Claas, Assaloni, Mengele, New Holland, Kemper, John Deere
Material: High alloy tool steels.
Heat treatment: Special hardening and tempering process in controlled furnaces.
JENZ HEM 581/582/583     01
JENZ HEM 581/582/583     02
JENZ HEM 581/582/583     03
Chipper Knife 300x 135 x 14
Knife 100 x 60 x 8
Trimming Knife 88 x 24 x 18
Trimming Knife Holder
77 x 32 x 23
Knife 60 x 50 x 11