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Wearing parts for flaker machines performing base material preparation for particleboards production. Comprehensive production line of our products helps our customers to manage heavy production growth of particle boards. Our tools guarantee long-term smooth three-shift system operation of flaker machines.
Products: Knives, counter-knives, knife holders, wear plates, protective plates. We are able to manufacture other versions and complementary units according to the customer specification.
For machines made by: Klöckner, Maier, Pallmann, Pessa.
Material: High alloy tool steels.
Heat treatment: Special hardening and tempering process in controlled furnaces.
Knife 449 x 90 x 3
Knife 305 x 60 x 4
Holder 447 x 110 x 10
Counter-Knife 447 x 37 x 10
Wear Plate 449 x 60 x 10
Protective Plate 416 x 110 x 10
Pressure Lip 525 x 50 x 8